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Holiness Audio Sermons

Who Spotted the Leopard    

The Mark of the Best  


Holy Smoke - Part 1   <---AWESOME

Holy Smoke - Part 2   <---AWESOME

Holy Smoke - Part 3   <---

What an ... Apostolic Church looks like   <---Be Wise

Christians Should be Holy - pt1   <---Be Wise

The Pos & Neg Aspect of Holiness - pt 2   <---Be Wise

The Mark of the Best - pt. 1  

The Mark of the Best - pt. 2  

The Mark of the Best - pt. 3

The Mark of the Best - pt. 4

Let us go on to Perfection  

Heir Conditioning  

Holiness Lesson 1

Holiness Lesson 2  

Holiness Lesson 3  

Holiness Lesson 4  

How to Know the Will of God pt_1

How to Know the Will of God pt_2

How to Tell True Conversion

The Beauty of Holiness

Connecting Point Ministries

Common Doctrinal Errors

Weekly Teaching Series